Location Hub is a SaaS based platform of software services that integrate into your business processes. Leveraging our continuously updated Canada-wide database, Location Hub provides you with the most accurate and current address information available. Location Hub improves your data quality and leverages the content and context of your address data to help you make better decisions to reduce risk, identify fraud, target new prospects and streamline business operations.

Why Location Hub?

  • Superior address matching using the industry's most robust and effective address recognition algorithms
  • Superior reference data built on 18 plus years of experience
  • Unique Address Identifiers (UAID) provide a permanent, universal, reliable reference to individual addressable objects (buildings, apartments, business units, and parcels of land)
  • Enterprise grade, scalable infrastructure delivered through a secure public and private cloud hosting model

Product Brochure

Address Recognition

With Location Hub address recognition, you can match, correct, standardize and validate addresses. Location Hub enables you to overcome the errors that plague typical address databases such as duplicate addresses, misspellings and missing components. The service recognizes both civic and postal addresses - including rural routes, PO boxes and postal station information - and cross-correlates them to ensure you always get the right result for your application.

Address Geocoding

Geocoding is the process of attaching coordinates (latitude, longitude) to records in your database. Location Hub takes you beyond approximate locations to accurately pinpoint customers and prospects with rooftop precision. For records where you don't have an exact address, it also supports geocoding to the street, intersections, populated place or postal code.

Address Suggest

The best time to fix addresses is at the front end - when the data is first entered into your system. Address Suggest's auto-completion function ensures only correct, validated address information is entered into your database.  Address Suggest provides on the fly data matching, saving you time and money while dramatically improving data accuracy throughout your entire operation.

Address Assert

Need to flag an address for special attention? With Address Assert you can 'assert' problematic or high opportunity addresses into a reference database. When you access this database, these 'flagged' addresses are immediately identified, allowing you to alert your operators or your automated system for specific action. The service stores asserted records in a private, secure, customizable table unique to your organization.

Reverse Geocode

In a remote location and want to determine specific points of interest close to you? Receiving a location signal from a mobile device? Then our reverse geocode service is perfect for you. It processes geographic coordinates and quickly returns the closest validated address and attributes.

Drive Time Service and Drive Distance Service

Want to locate a retail outlet or optimize a service territory? Using an address or coordinates as a starting point, Location Hub calculates and returns all addresses (and associated attribution information) within a specified drive time or distance. For example, the customer can specify a drive time of 30 minutes or a distance of 5 km from a given branch location and the service will return all customers and prospect addresses reachable within that specified time or distance, as well as a boundary enclosing those addresses. Options are available to remove rules of the road or return information on the associated road segments. This feature is particularly useful for proximity to fire stations for insurance purposes, as fire trucks can travel the wrong way on a one-way street to reach a fire.

Enterprise Scalable Cloud Deployment

Integrating real-time location information into your business applications requires enterprise scalability, millisecond response times and fully redundant systems that are available 24 x 7. We provide our clients the choice between public cloud (with our partner Microsoft®) and private cloud (with our partners Q9 and Dell) deployment, both of which meet these requirements.

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