The ability to drive efficient decisions to deliver excellent customer services while managing the associated risk is unlocked using location information within the Finance & Insurance industry

Integrate real-time location information into your mortgage and insurance policy administration systems in a simple, automated manner using Location Hub®.

  • Confirm an address and validate its existence using our advanced address recognition engine within your automated decision systems
  • Determine the location's proximity to positive and negative elements that could impact your decision
  • Determine proximity of a new customer to existing customers in a particular area to measure accumulation and ensure you're not over-committing from a risk perspective

Risk management and fraud mitigation

  • Confirm an address, validate its existence and proximity to positive and negative features that could impact premiums
  • Determine proximity of an address to existing policies in a particular area to measure accumulation and ensure you're not over-committing from a risk perspective
  • Assess your potential exposure on your book of business in the event of a disaster such as fire, tornado or flood
  • Validate claims in impacted areas to identify potential cases of fraud

Underwriting efficiency

  • Leverage reliable, real-time data updates that give you the most current information on which to base your fraud or risk management decisions
  • Analyze the local and regional patterns in your claims history to make decisions about price increases, product changes and policy renewals

Operational savings

  • Enforce data governance of disparate data across the organization
  • Standardize addresses for reliable communication across the organization and with partner networks

Uncover new market opportunity

  • Determine optimal locations to promote your products and services
  • Identify new prospects nearby your existing best customers
  • Leverage your address information to up-sell or cross-sell your products and services

Unlocking Business Value in Finance with Location Economics

Unlocking Business Value in Insurance with Location Economics


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