Route Planning with CanMap

Halloween 2.0 with CanMap: The Guide for Serious Trick-or-Treaters!

DMTI is taking Halloween route planning to the next level. Never imagined you could optimize trick-or-treating? Well think again– CanMap makes it happen! Want the biggest candy bars? The safest route? To get as much candy as possible in the shortest amount of time? We’ve got you covered. This is trick-or-treating 2.0!

As you know, CanMap is typically used by companies needing to make serious and impactful business decisions. For example, finance companies that need access to complete property data to approve mortgages, or insurance companies that leverage location intelligence to develop critical insights that help mitigate risk.

In the Halloween spirit, we’d like to show you how the same location intelligence tools that make it easier to identify business opportunities can also take trick-or-treating to a new level. Let’s get started!

Using CanMap to Plan an Optimal Route

This Halloween, we encourage you to take a break from using CanMap to optimize your business operations, and instead to use it for the serious business of making the most out of the holiday. Use data to plan your route, and you’ll even be able to create a detailed map to print out or refer to right on your phone.

Here’s how CanMap, as well as data from additional DMTI partners, can help you achieve your trick-or-treating goals for the best Halloween ever:

Goal: Top-tier Candy

There’s a certain hierarchy when it comes to candy. Snickers, Malteasers, Crispy Crunch bars, and Kit Kats are at the top of the food chain. Second-tier candy includes individually wrapped pieces of gum or hard candies, and of course, the dreaded box of raisins.

There’s no way of knowing for sure what anyone is going to hand out, but you can make the odds work in your favor by using property data gathered from CanMap.

A higher household income and land value suggests a higher probability of getting pricier candy. Here’s some of the data you can pull to create a map of the homes most likely to be giving out the best candy:

  • Household income
  • Land values

Goal: Get Lots of Candy!

If quantity matters more than quality, all you need to do is look for the areas with a higher density of households. CanMap Address Points can be used to illustrate:

  • Property density
  • Apartment buildings
  • Condo communities
  • Retail centers (many retail centers hand out free candy on Halloween!)

Goal: Safe Routes for Trick-or-Treating

Safety is obviously very important especially since trick-or-treating takes place when it’s dark out and there are a lot of young children walking around. You also want to make sure you’re in a safe neighborhood and that there will be plenty of people around.

Here’s the data CanMap provides to help you discover the safest possible route:

  • Traffic counts
  • Neighborhoods away from busy streets
  • Crime rates
  • Vacant land (you don’t want to find yourself in a deserted neighborhood!)

Goal: The Happy Halloween Neighborhood

Part of the fun of Halloween is seeing other people’s costumes and hearing groups of children shout “Trick-or-Treat!!!” It’s just not the same when you’re trudging from house to house by yourself in a quiet dark neighborhood.

The best Halloween neighborhoods are those with a lot of kids around. Here are some data points that can reveal where all the fun is happening:

  • Demographics – look for areas with a high density of families
  • School district boundary maps

Happy Halloween!

By using the strategies we outlined above you’re sure to enjoy top-tier candy well into 2019. Have fun, stay safe, and plan a route that will impress your friends and neighbors.

Click here to talk to a member of our team, and learn how CanMap can help make for a happy Halloween and a successful business!