To unlock the value of location data, location intelligence providers are engaged to undertake multiple tasks for the enterprise customer. These tasks range from simple database operations that provide clean building blocks of data to very complex information integration that drives business processes.

These tasks can be grouped into a hierarchy, with attendant outcomes to the enterprise. First level outcomes result in significant benefits to the enterprise and must be used as the bridge to higher levels of value.

Address Accuracy: 

The enterprise benefits from clean, current and standardized address elements with geographically explicit references (i.e., geo-coordinates).

Mapping Markets: 

The enterprise receives a complete 360-degree view for all residential, commercial and government structures in a geographic market.

Serving Customers: 

The enterprise receives a range of specific customer views, integrated with back-office and customer-facing applications, which determine product serviceability, product penetration levels and business opportunities across large geographic areas.

Location Intelligence with DMTI

DMTI’s CanMap Address Data and Location Hub Visualization & Web Services deliver the tools that can be used to support enterprise customers. DMTI is continually updating and cleansing data to deliver accurate and reliable location information. Companies using DMTI’s unparalleled location data consistently outpace their competition. When using any location tools to market your product or service, DMTI offers the most complete and accurate Canadian data and software services.

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