4 Ways to Visualize, Build and Manage your Territories for Canada

Territory management is a process that helps organizations by defining geographical territories based on factors such as sales, infrastructure locations and service delivery zones. Companies are managing this type of information today within spreadsheets and require a solution that helps build and visualize territories based on key metrics like revenue goals, market opportunities, custom client information, government areas, proximity to salespeople’s base location, etc.

Territory Builder is a data visualization tool which allows you to group postal codes (FSA or LDU) or municipalities together to create territories easily. With Territory Builder, visualizing and building territories on a Canadian map is as easy as uploading a CSV file of addresses or coordinates (x,y) and using 3 or 6 digit postal codes to define the boundaries.

Here are 4 ways Territory Builder is being used today:

Optimize Sales Territory Assignment:

Territory Builder will let you modify Territory Assignees with the click of a button. You can swiftly create new territories and manage them in relation to key business metrics before competitors move in. You can also overlay additional business data layers like incoming leads on the map and get a contextual understanding of what it means for your sales targets. And of course, you can easily print territories and share them with your team.

Serviceability Management:

Territory Builder allows you to transform lists and paper maps into digital service areas. You can manage serviceability areas by postal code boundaries (FSA, LDU) and visualize assets in relation to their service areas. Optimizing the allocation of inspectors is also enhanced because supervisors can use the tool to provide insights in real-time for their inspector’s area.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies:

You can focus your advertising and direct mail efforts in a much better way by using DMTI’s postal code boundaries to build marketing districts. Territory Builder will also let you manage these districts in relation to the customer data you possess, so you can easily and efficiently share marketing insights across the organization.

Risk Management:

Another powerful capability of Territory Builder is that it lets you create accurate risk zones across markets using postal code boundaries (FSA, LDU) as the foundation. Here also, you can overlay risk layers in relation to risk zones, and print insightful maps to share information across different business units.

DMTI’s Territory Builder is a powerful data visualization tool which will give you a more accurate view of your business. To learn more click here.

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