Database and Location data

Uncovering the Value of your Database

7 Steps to getting the most out of your Database using Location Data:

  1. Cleanse your Database: Clean, correct and standardize existing data in your database and assign persistent identifiers to each record.
  2. Go Visual: Add high precision geocodes to each record, so you can match records based on location, and view them on a map.
  3. Enrich your Existing Data: Taking your data, you can now enrich with demographic and firmographic information.
  4. Go Granular: Move beyond just postal code boundaries to understand your customers at a more granular level.
  5. Gain Insights: Use additional analysis including proximity and drive time to see where your assets are in relation to your customers and each other.
  6. Infill with Quality Datasets: Find new customers that share the same characteristics as your existing customer.
  7. Consolidate: Tie it all together with a uniform view of your customers. What do they like? What do they dislike? How far are they willing to travel to access your stores or services?

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