Location Data and Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are increasingly realizing the power of location intelligence in online campaigns, using it to get highly personalized with their target market. We all know that knowledge is power, but this idiom is especially true when it comes to effective marketing. Location intelligence allows marketers to gain knowledge of their audience in a unique way that supports integrated marketing efforts and leads to stronger ROI.

More powerful SEO/SEM:

Location intelligence allows marketers to get very specific about where to place organic and paid content online. Social media platforms and search engines offer location as a filter to designate where certain types of content should be shown to be of most use for consumers. Marketers can be very local about paid and organic content to more effectively appeal to their target audience. Paired with data gathered from your location intelligence platform (demographics, competitive analysis, consumers offline behaviors), you can deliver messaging and keywords you know will resonate with your audience.

Websites built for your customers:

It’s important for all businesses engaging in omnichannel marketing to have a strong website. Similar to developing powerful SEO/ SEM, location intelligence delivers information that helps marketers design appealing websites for their specific audience. For example, geofencing alerts could include a call to action telling users to visit the website for additional deals.

Engaging social media:

Getting very location specific on social media helps brands connect on a deeper level with their target audience. For example, use geofilters and offer special incentives for visitors who share geofilter photos on social media.

Improved email open rates:

Using data gathered from location intelligence platforms allows marketers to segment their audience to tailor email content and improve email open rates.

How DMTI Spatial helps:

Marketing teams using DMTI’s unparalleled location data consistently outpace their competition. When using any location tools to market your product or service, DMTI offers the most complete and accurate Canadian data and location services.   Contact us today to learn more.

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