How Telecom Marketers can Identify New Customer Opportunities using Location Intelligence

New Telecom customer opportunities are available within the existing network infrastructure, as well as in new markets. Location intelligence provides actionable data that can be used to illustrate exactly where these opportunities can be found, and how to act upon them.

Find New Prospects in Existing Infrastructure

Using a location intelligence platform like DMTI Spatial, you can use Rooftop Address Precision to see which addresses have your services, and who does not. This allows your marketing team to get very specific about who to target. Additionally, location intelligence platforms deliver detailed analytics like household income, demographics, purchasing power, property types, sales value, and much more. All of this information can be used to find potential customers similar to your existing customers.

Break into New Markets

Use location intelligence to identify underserved markets that are reasonably located within range of accessibility to services and in-person customer care. Find areas your competitors have missed. Perhaps an underserved market shows the optimal location for a new cell tower to further your company’s reach into a new area.

Upselling Your Customers

Existing customers are already warm leads, and are more likely to purchase additional features and products than new customers. Location intelligence platforms can be leveraged to reveal areas where your customers are spending their time, so that you know where to market to them.

In addition to providing actionable analytics that leads to customer growth opportunities, location intelligence platforms reveal unique insights in your target market.  For example, analysis of a seeming underserved area of your customers could reveal a pocket of customers that are mostly composed of young professionals with high earning potential. Whereas this niche market within your customer base may have been overlooked, you now have an opportunity to ensure they are aware of all you have to offer and upsell products and services.

The data offered by location intelligence platforms can be layered and analyzed in several different ways, uncovering unique opportunities to capture a greater share of the market and to expose opportunities that lead to greater profitability.

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