Mapping Your Markets – Seeing the Whole View

Gaining a single view of the customer is not a new goal, but organizations and software solution vendors have struggled to meet it with less than satisfactory results. True location intelligence moves beyond a limited customer view to a full market view of all possible premises to reveal all opportunities in the enterprise’s addressable market.

Location Intelligence brings a complete view of all premises and addresses to sales, marketing and operating lines of business. This type of market view includes not only single detached residential dwellings but also multiple unit dwellings (MDUs) such as apartments, condominiums and business buildings.

To access all possible revenue opportunities through location intelligence, a location intelligence provider should be able to provide the following:

All Validated Addresses in a Market: Creating the capability to determine the exact households in a serviceable market, compared with a customer base: a powerful delta calculation.

Residential, Business and Unit Information: Illuminating office and residential buildings with access to the validated unit and floor information. No more dark doors or dark towers.

Mapping to the Property: Adding geo-targeted precision through geographic references to the property parcel or roof-top levels for contemporary location intelligence applications.

DMTI Spatial’s location intelligence platform provides technology and data building blocks that can be unobtrusively integrated into an enterprise’s information processing cycle. Our premium data contains national GIS datasets that include key attributes such as validated addresses, points of interest, municipality boundaries, postal code service areas, and other critical location information. Designed to analyze and evaluate the location intelligence potential within your various enterprise or departmental systems, we can determine how an organization can best benefit from the enablement of enterprise-scaled location intelligence. To learn more contact us today

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