Innovative Technology Gains Consumer Trust

Embracing digital technologies is essential for utilities companies aiming to modernize and remain competitive. Today’s consumer wants to know their service provider is using the best possible resources to serve them better. Location intelligence offers utility marketers a range of ways to communicate trustworthiness to their target market.

Leverage data to build consumer trust

Location intelligence platforms help you cleanse and standardize addresses across databases, which results in improved efficiencies across many divisions, from customer billing and starting services, to handling service calls and customer complaints. Additionally, you’ll have access to highly accurate, real time mapping data of your service areas and field personnel to assist in customer care functions like timely scheduling of service providers.

Be transparent using location technology

Offer maps and data that your customers can access to see current problems and estimated timelines for problem-solving. You can show areas of high-usage to encourage conservation, or to show forthcoming initiatives. Additionally, in times when a weather event is expected that could interrupt service, use digital maps to share where consumers are most likely to be affected by temporary outages, and even the number of personnel stationed in vulnerable areas. Your customers will know crews are positioned and ready to respond.

Consumers are becoming keen to the fact that operations are changing, and utilities marketing teams are leveraging their technology stack as a way of proving to customers that they are at the cutting edge of technologies proven to deliver a better product.

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