Using Location Intelligence to Improve and Enhance Database Information

A case in point that illustrates the value of location intelligence for direct marketing is the experience of a major Canadian natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company that wanted to expand a home weatherization conservation program. In the past, the program had only been offered to customers living in subsidized housing, leaving a significant segment of its potentially eligible customer base with minimal access to the program benefits. With more than one million customers, the challenge was to only promote the program to the customers most likely to be eligible for it. The utility estimated that only 14% of its customers would be eligible but did not know where these customers were located geographically.

Turning to a location intelligence solution, the utility was able to visualize existing customer addresses and cross-reference those addresses with house size and house age range characteristics. By tying all this information together, the utility was able to pinpoint the exact neighborhoods in which to promote the program, resulting in a 400% increase in the program uptake rate over previous direct marketing attempts to expand the program.

In today’s big data environment, there is a massive amount of information available that is relevant to buyer behavior. Location is tied to almost all of that information and can serve as the backbone for strategic business planning, ensuring that as marketing campaigns are designed they leverage accurate data that will make them more cost-effective and targeted to achieve the desired results.

Marketing teams using DMTI’s unparalleled location data consistently outpace their competition. When using any location tools to market your product or service, DMTI offers the most complete and accurate Canadian data and location services.

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