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Top financial, insurance, telco companies and government agencies are leveraging CanMap® data solutions to gain a competitive edge, mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency.

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GIS Data CanMap Streetfiles Data


Streetfiles &

Route Logistics

Minimize travel time with optimized routes and schedules, improve delivery processes and increase customer satisfaction with Canada’s #1 digital street network.
With Streetfiles and RouteLogistics you get:

  • Richly detailed digital street mapping content
  • GIS data including associated street names and address ranges, national rail networks, national points of interest, parks data files and detailed topographic and geographic features
GIS Data CanMap Address Points

CanMap Address


Integrate Canada’s most comprehensive collection of individual address points into your business applications or GPS devices to improve accuracy, maximize efficiency, and make better informed business decisions. With rooftop-level accuracy, Address Points includes:

  • The most complete, accurate and up-to-date Canadian address database on the market
  • Land use status
  • High-precision geo codes
Canadian GIS Data CanMap Postal Code Polygon Suite icon

Postal CodeOM Suite

The most complete and up-to-date Canadian Postal Code database for accurate customer profiling, direct marketing optimization, precise territory management, and serviceability insights. CanMap Postal CodeOM Suite offers:

  • Six digit Postal Code polygons so you can visualize Postal Code boundaries in your chosen GIS mapping software
  • Create highly targeted, cost-effective direct mail campaigns with letter carrier walk boundaries and Canada Post Point of Call address data
  • Get access to topographic layers such as parks, railways and water
  • Available in Simplified format for faster visualization and high precision Detailed format

Postal Code is an official mark of Canada Post Corporation.

GIS Data including Canadian Postal Codes, Street Files and Address Points

CanMap Content


The ultimate breadth of content, Content Suite features more than 300 mapping layers and includes coast-to-coast GIS data from Streetfiles, RouteLogistics, and CanMap Postal CodeOM Suite, plus:

  • Topographic information including water, rail, parks, land use and enhanced points of interest
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Police and fire stations
  • Provincial and municipal boundaries
  • Street network and routing attribution

A sample of our customers:

DMTI Spatial customer logo
DMTI Spatial customer logo

For GIS Professionals

CanMap GIS Data

  • Over 1,600 municipal files updated every quarter
  • 16.3 million Canadian addresses and growing
  • Over 97% of postal code file is delivered with high-precision (roof-top) precision
  • An average of 1,000 new postal codes added every quarter

GPS Navigation Services

GPS GIS Navigation

Designed for easy integration through our OEM content model, leverage CanMap Address Points to:

  • Enhance corporate location intelligence
  • Provide superior routing accuracy to curbside
  • Provide clear identification of actual addresses within a defined zone of interest
  • Power your analytics with rooftop precision data features