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From Data Analytics to the Cloud

Top Finance Execs Discuss Industry Hot Topics In an increasingly digitized world, data carries undeniable clout. At once the source of insight into optimizing business operations, data analytics also supports the development of products and services that were unimagined before as new sources of social and sensor information – and the technology to manage it […]

A Holiday Greeting from DMTI Spatial

Come check out the story of how Santa lost his famous book and Christmas was almost lost – were it not for the power of Location Intelligence. Written, recorded and animated by the staff of DMTI Spatial. Happy Holidays to all our customers and partners.  

Challenges, Drivers and the Need for Location Intelligence

Even organizations that understand the value of location intelligence struggle to translate that understanding into meaningful profit-generating activities. Much of the difficulty stems from the challenges of marrying enterprise data, which is typically housed in relational databases, to fully spatial-enabled information. New solutions that provide access to a platform of technology and crucial data building […]

The Importance of Managing Earthquake Risk

Do your risk management processes consider the risk of Earthquake? October 16th marked the 7th annual ShakeOut where over 24 million participants worldwide will practice how to drop, cover and hold on at 10:16 a.m. during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills. “ShakeOut BC Day” started in 2011 and this year over 660,000 participants in British Columbia […]

Are ‘inadequate’ flood-hazard maps impacting your business?

The flood-hazard maps currently available for Calgary are inadequate, according to a recent Calgary Herald article.  Hundreds of properties outside of the designated 1/100 year flood plain were impacted during the Alberta flood event of 2013.  Canada experienced the costliest and third-costliest disasters in Canadian history within two weeks of each other in 2013.  This past summer […]

Strong Marketing Relies on Location. Here’s Why.

Accurate location information may not be the most exciting topic for your next dinner party, but under the hood most businesses depend on it to fuel their business processes, and to help them reach the right audience to drive marketing results. The ability to access accurate location information is impacting many of our customers because […]

Transforming Location Intelligence into Profit

Over the next few weeks, this blog series will provide an overview of some of the basic uses of location intelligence (LI) at an enterprise level, its capacity to optimize business processes, and its hierarchy of benefits that impact positively on profitability and competitiveness. Here’s what readers can expect to learn: location intelligence as an […]

The Continued Rise of Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is helping a whole new generation of marketers understand how using data helps them better find, target and message to their best prospects and customers. A report from Juniper Research estimates that revenues from the Mobile Context and Location Services market will reach $43.3B by 2019 almost 4x the current market valuation at […]

Would you put low octane gas in your Bugatti?

Of course you wouldn’t, that would be unheard of! You would spend more to ensure you’re powering it with high octane fuel. The car would still run with lower quality gasoline, but its performance would suffer. CRM tools are similar to sports cars. They’re expensive and powerful, but they’re limited by how they’re powered. The […]

Unlock Customer Insights with Location Intelligence

In today’s crowded marketplace, there is immense pressure on marketers to deliver customer insights that lead to new opportunities. These insights increase revenues and differentiate their product offering through successful campaign initiatives. One powerful example is the impact bad data can have on marketing efforts. In this use case, we look at current address information. […]