A Telecom Guide to Reducing Churn and Improving Customer Satisfaction Using Location Intelligence

Telecom is a competitive industry, with high customer expectations and increasing pressure to attract and retain business. Customer churn is a major challenge, and Telecom companies are largely focusing resources on improving retention rates while also seeking new business opportunities.  That requires delivering the best possible customer experience so that existing customer are not tempted to look elsewhere for products and services.  Additionally, existing customers offer more opportunity to upsell packages by adding features and new products.

Location intelligence platforms offer powerful tools to help Telecom companies deliver innovative and competitive customer experiences, helping reduce customer churn and improve retention rates.  In this Guide, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Provide efficient fulfillment: Ensure services are delivered quickly and accurately, including self-service automation
  • Improve service quality: Manage support to align with customer expectations
  • Enhanced revenue: Identify gaps in service and discover new business opportunities

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