DMTI Spatial Launches Proximity Service

Underwriters can better assess risk by calculating the distance from an address to water, environmental perils and points of interest

Markham, ON –  DMTI Spatial Inc. (DMTI), Canada’s leading provider of Location Intelligence solutions, announced today the availability of a new proximity service that will help underwriters better evaluate risk associated with location.  Available within DMTI’s Location Hub® for real-time decisions and Location Hub Portal, a self serve batch offering, this service can assist organizations in better measuring the positive and negative factors associated with a property, allowing for faster and more accurate risk assessments for such processes as insurance or mortgage underwriting and the valuation of a property.  Insurers can also use the information gathered to perform analysis on their portfolios and calculate potential exposure.

Using both DMTI data and peril data now available from DMTI partners, customers can now establish proximity of an address to such elements as:

  • Bodies of water
  • Fire stations
  • Above and below ground fuel tanks
  • Landfill sites
  • Known contaminated sites

“We’re thrilled to offer our customers even more location-based value with our new proximity service,” said Phil Kaszuba, DMTI Vice President & General Manager. “Proximity to geographic and environmental features is often overlooked when evaluating a property. With this service, customers can embed this information right into their existing workflows. This leads to more precise risk assessments, which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars when looking at the improved efficiency and ability to detect properties with previous hidden risks that may have significant costs associated with them down the road.”

DMTI’s Senior Director of Product Management, Steve Sigal, will be speaking more about the value of understanding proximity to perils on Tuesday, March 19 at the Technology Conference in Toronto, Ontario. His session, entitled “Understanding Risk from a Proximity to Peril,” will take place at 1:15 pm.

To help customers better understand the value of its software products, DMTI has created a new interactive demo that allows users to experience the benefits of leveraging location-based information. The demo includes a variety of features including high-precision geocoding, a drive time and drive distance calculator, proximity to points of interest, demographic analysis, and an example of risk scoring. The demo can be accessed by visiting

About DMTI Spatial Inc.

DMTI has been providing industry-leading enterprise Location Intelligence solutions for almost two decades to Global 2000 companies and government agencies. DMTI’s world-class Location Hub platform enables real-time decisions by uniquely identifying, validating, analyzing and maintaining a universe of location-based data. Through a strong partner ecosystem, DMTI enables its customers to use location as a frame of reference to enrich customer, prospect, vendor and infrastructure insight with a wide variety of attributes to better identify risk and opportunity.