Your ability to understand the citizens you provide services to not only requires accurate, but insightful location information in both your planning and daily operations.

Emergency response

Access relevant location-based information to accurately assess risk and ensure your teams are in the best position to respond.  Improve emergency and disaster preparedness by embedding in-depth location data in your planning processes.

Operational efficiency

Easily identify your ability to deliver services to urban and rural communities.  Maintain data accuracy and produce faster turn-around times for approving applications for new services.

Improve fraud detection

Establish the true existence of a home or business address to validate information contained within a service application and uncover fraud.

Improve  decision making

Determine trends and patterns for use in strategic planning and provide the services required to meet the demands of individual communities.

A sample of our government customers:

Technology you can count on

Private and Secure

With DMTI, your data is protected by the Azure Trust Center, and is compliant with a wide range of industry-specific regulatory requirements.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions integrate with your existing IT systems seamlessly and securely through DMTI’s web services.

Award-Winning Technology

DMTI Spatial is the proud recipient of the ICTA 2015 Technology of the Year Award.