Unlock new and existing market opportunities by leveraging location information in your market analysis, planning and go-to market programs.

Improve customer insights, segmentation, and targeting

  • Reduce errors

    Analyze, target and execute marketing campaigns at a micro-level by ensuring all your databases (internal and acquired) are completely integrated using location as the key to unlocking information.

  • Optimize Order to Activation

    Identify new and optimal market segments with high precision by determining common consumer characteristics, and visualize geographic trends.

Improve operational efficiency – Quickly cross-reference and integrate multiple databases for improved customer insights and creation of new programs.

Improve marketing reach

  • Find new clients

    Identify the addresses of potential new clients located near existing customers by understanding penetration in each market or at a national level. By gaining deeper insights about your existing customers, you can locate similar target audiences and get more business.

  • Build customer profiles

    Better understand market penetration right down to the neighbourhood level to create ideal customer profiles through a location-based framework. Map existing customers in relation to your assets, infrastructure, or store locations – or in relation to the location of your competitors.

  • Correct addresses

    Revitalize incorrect or incomplete addresses and ensure you are successfully reaching your clients and prospects with each and every campaign. Our data is both accurate and up-to-date, allowing you to reduce direct mail costs while improving accuracy and deliverability.

  • Customize your messaging

    Tailor your marketing messages based on proximity to your store or asset. Mobile marketing analytics uses high-precision data to deliver your messages to the people most likely to respond, based on their location.

Get better data

More than ever, marketing is a data job. Those with the best market and customer insight enjoy an enormous advantage over competitors. Better data lets you increase overall conversion rates and achieve lower costs per lead or sale. DMTI Spatial has both the data and the tools to help you make the most of your business.

In this increasingly complex business landscape, our tools can not only help you achieve the basics like address verification, we can enhance your omni-channel strategy and help you identify important trends and patterns.

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