Unlock new and existing market opportunities by leveraging location information in your market assessment, planning and go-to market programs.

Improve customer segmentation and targeting

  • Reduce errors

    Analyze, target and execute marketing campaigns at a micro-level by ensuring all your databases (internal and acquired) are completely integrated using location as the key to unlocking information.

  • Optimize Order to Activation

    Identify new and optimal segments with high precision by determining common consumer characteristics, and visualize geographic trends.

Improve operational efficiency – Quickly cross-reference and integrate multiple databases for better understanding of customers and creation of new programs.

Improve marketing reach

  • Find new clients

    Identify the addresses of potential new clients located near existing customers by understanding penetration in each market or at a national level.

  • Build customer profiles

    Better understand market penetration right down to the neighbourhood level to create ideal customer profiles through a location-based framework.

  • Correct addresses

    Revitalize incorrect or incomplete addresses and ensure you are successfully reaching your clients and prospects with each and every campaign.

  • Customize your messaging

    Tailor your marketing messages based on proximity to your store or asset.

A sample of our marketing customers:

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