mapping condo concentration

3 Reasons Why Mapping Condo Concentration Matters

The construction rate of multi-family dwellings in Canada shows…
May 1, 2017/by Rob Daleman
Data visualization for government

When a whole city changes…

Providing the best data visualization products for Canada means…
July 22, 2016/by Rob Daleman
Crime mapping app

Toronto Police Launch New Crime-Mapping Tool

Mapping data using visualization tools is a powerful way…
October 9, 2015/by Rob Daleman
Location Intelligence and Summertime

The productive days of summer?

Many businesses think summer is the time to relax. It's also…
July 24, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel
GIS Mapping Software

A Lesson in Map-Folding Origami

Do you use maps? I’m fairly certain you do, possibly a GIS…
July 6, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel

From Data Analytics to the Cloud: Top Finance Execs Discuss Industry Hot Topics

In an increasingly digitized world, data carries undeniable clout.…
July 2, 2015/by admin
Calgary Flood

Calgary Flood – 2 years later. Where are we now?

It has been 2 years since the 2013 Calgary floods that occurred…
June 19, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel
Measuring wildfire risk

Wildfire: Measuring Your Risk

With a large number fires burning in Canada over 2015—some…
June 18, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel
Using data to find your ideal customer

How well do you really know your customers?

“They don’t know that we know that they know we know!”…
May 28, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel
Predictive Analytics Data

Gone fishin’… in a data lake? Predictive Analytics Launch!

Our new Predictive Analytics product launches in less than 2…
April 20, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel
Disaster risk management in oil spill

Properties, Oil and Water Don’t Mix

Oil and Water Don’t Mix.  That was especially true on Wed…
April 10, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel
Building Location Technology

In the Beginning There Were Maps: 20 years of DMTI history

“The overall mission and goals of the company have remained…
March 30, 2015/by Robert Szyngiel