Location Intelligence

A Canadian telecom operator’s guide to selecting a 5G cell site

A public-private consortium has already pumped in $400 million…
October 10, 2018/by Sean MacInnes
Retail Store Site Selection Location Data

5 Ways Canadian Retailers Should Be Using Location Data and Technology

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Location Intelligence and Analytics

Location Intelligence adding a powerful dimension to Fraud Management

Fraud represents a multi-billion dollar problem for the banking…
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Spatial Technology

How Spatial Technology Makes Great Customer Experiences Part of Your Insurance Company’s Brand

Insurance is a competitive industry, and when everyone is offering…
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Smart City GIS Platform

What Does it Mean to Be a Smart City?

As cities around the world embrace the changes wrought by digital…
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Geofence and Location data

A Beginner’s Guide to Geofencing

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Flood Data and Location Intelligence

Leveraging Flood Analysis to Mitigate Risk

Condo popularity is on the rise and for those financing the properties,…
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location data

Location intelligence paving the road to shared mobility in Canada

Innovative startups and governments are filling the gaps in the…
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Location Intelligence Marketing

Leverage Location Intelligence for Precision-Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

By Robert Szyngiel, DMTI Spatial

Direct marketers know that…
August 7, 2018/by Sean MacInnes
Smarty City and Location Data

6 Characteristics Smart Cities Should Look for in a GIS Platform

Look for an integrated customizable solution…
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Location Data and the Telecom Industry

Top 5 ways the Telecom sector is leveraging location data

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Customer Experience

How Spatial Technology is Transforming Customer Experiences in the Insurance Industry

Using Spatial Technology to Improve the Customer Experience in…
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