Disaster Recovery Software

DMTI’s Location Hub ® Post Event Service provides timely insight into the duration, size, impact and number of addresses affected by Canadian events, both natural and man-made.  Built upon our database of over 14 million Canadian addresses, 7,300 data sources and satellite imagery – Post Event Service subscribers receive the most complete and accurate post-event reporting on the market.

The Canadian insurance industry has seen over $1 billion in losses in 5 of the past 6 years due to catastrophic events. Having a catastrophic loss reduction strategy is key to surviving events of such magnitude.

Source: Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

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Manage risk

Gain critical visibility into events that are occurring, their magnitude and duration and determine the level of risk they pose to your book of business.

Map your sales

Assess Business Impact

Understand which properties are at risk or have been impacted – both residential and commercial.

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Respond quickly

Receive information within 48 hours of your request – allowing you to quickly formulate response plans to minimize catastrophic loss. .

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Share insights

Ready made deliverables, including email, boundary, report, and location file are provided to help you communicate the impact of events to internal stakeholders

How does our disaster recovery software work?

  • Subscription Service, leveraging DMTI SaaS Offerings

    An annual subscription service (SaaS) that allows you to view Canadian events (man-made and natural disasters) and understand the impact to your client portfolio

  • Reveals Impacts on Commercial and Residential Properties

    The offering and associated deliverables focuses on events that impact residential properties AND commercial properties

  • Rapid Visibility into Identified or Ongoing Natural Disasters or Events

    Client begins receiving information from the service within a 48 hr period of an event occurring.

What events are we looking at?




Tornado / High Winds


Train Derailment




Fires (Forest / Urban)




Oil Spills

For Risk Professionals

Risk Management

  • Spend less time analyzing the impact of catastrophic events on your book of business so you can respond in a timely manner
  • Easily share business impact information internally
  • Formulate an action plan with internal stakeholders quickly
  • Improve customer service during catastrophic loss events

For Public Safety Professionals

Public Safetly GIS Data

  • Reduce costs through effective infrastructure and resource usage
  • Better insights into potential risk while events are occurring
  • Improve public safety and satisfaction through prompt assignment of appropriate resources

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