Location intelligence in the telecommunications industry is delivering value in many aspects of your business. Improve the order to activation process, identify new customer opportunities within existing network infrastructure and determine the best opportunities to expand your existing network coverage to service new and growing communities from coast to coast.

Improve Order to Activation

  • Reduce errors

    Eliminate errors that can turn a new customer opportunity into a bad customer service problem by ensuring accurate customer location information using Location Hub® Address Suggest.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Integrating real-time location information within your order to activation process allows you to determine the exact Wire Centre and CLLI required across your entire network, and (when required), your 3rd party providers from coast to coast.

  • Increase Accuracy

    Eliminate communication errors and increase the accuracy of data exchange among internal and partner networks with DMTI’s exclusive Unique Address Identifier (UAID).

Improve network design and coverage

  • Optimize Processes

    Location Hub enables your organization to integrate high precision geocodes into your network plan and optimize processes through a series of real-time web-service.

  • Manage Costs

    Determine specific expansion costs down to the meter without absorbing unnecessary estimation costs.

  • Plan Network Expansion

    Quickly determine network expansion opportunities based on current and future market growth.

Improve Market Penetration

  • Identify new prospects

    Identify new prospects by leveraging insights into your most profitable customers to identify similar prospects within a given area.

  • Assess market penetration

    Map existing customers in relation to your assets, infrastructure and store locations. Identify the time and distance your customers are willing to travel to your location, and asses customer location in relation to your competitors.

  • Upsell / cross sell opportunities

    Upsell and cross sell new offerings by easily integrating multiple databases without reliance on internal IT teams.

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