Location Hub® Analytics

When it comes to location data analytics, accuracy and data quality is crucial.  Location Hub® Analytics is the only self-service data analytics engine that leverages Canada’s most robust, accurate and up-to-date location-based data for precise, compelling, unbiased results.



Location Hub Analytics automatically consolidates, cleanses, validates and geocodes your address database. Each record is assigned a Unique Address Identifier (UAID™).



Location Hub Analytics quickly processes and analyzes your data, objectively revealing meaningful patterns and trends to help you better understand customers and prospects.



Unlike other location analytics engines, Location Hub Analytics allows you to visualize and interact with your results on a map for better data profiling.



Location Hub Analytics enriches your location data with Canadian demographics information for further analysis and greater customer intelligence.



Location Hub Analytics helps you generate new business prospect lists by infilling the addresses within a specific territory that are not in your current database.

For Marketing Professionals

Location data for Marketers

  • Gain new insights into your customer base
  • Easily identify and target new customers
  • Target the right customers every time
  • Drive conversion rates and revenue

For Customer Service

Customer Service with GIS

  • Easily identify factors contributing to customer churn
  • Gain insights into NPS/NPI
  • Increase time to resolution
  • Reduce churn rates

For Data Analysts

Address data cleanse

  • Analyze large sets of data quickly and easily
  • Scalable across multiple users
  • Validated statistical models with unbiased analysis
  • Actionable results for better targeting

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