A Data Visualization Tool Built with Non-Technical People in Mind

When it comes to visualization, data quality is crucial. Location Hub® Viewer is the industry’s only cloud-based data visualization tool that automatically cleanses your data before displaying it on a map, providing you with a more accurate view of your business. When combined with DMTI Spatial’s robust data offering, you`ll increase efficiency, drive new revenue streams and improve business performance.

Accuracy matters: the UAID® difference

Our widely-adopted Unique Address Identifier UAID® – based on high-precision geocodes – ensures address accuracy, right down to the rooftop. Addresses evolve over time, but once a UAID is assigned to an address, it never changes. That means you’ll always be working with the most accurate address data available. The UAID makes collaborating with other departments or businesses within your ecosystem quick and easy, and reduces the chance of human error.

Data cleansing

Simply upload your address database and Location Hub® Viewer will cleanse, validate, and geocode your data. Each record will also be assigned a Unique Address Identifier (UAID), for added precision.

Build your business

Visualize your customers in relation to other points of interest for more accurate target marketing and list building.

Data bundles & add-ons

Location Hub Viewer is intended to scale and grow with your business and budget. Easily upgrade to premium modules and data packages for advanced insights and capabilities.

No setup required

Unlike other data visualization software, Location Hub Viewer is 100% cloud-based and was designed for non-technical, non-GIS business users. No IT involvement or setup is required.

For Sales and Marketing Professionals

Address Data Cleanse Customer Experience

  • Increase visibility into sales territory performance to grow pipeline and sales
  • Ensure equitable distribution of accounts within each sales territory
  • Find and target more profitable customers through accurate data visualization
  • Create highly-targeted marketing campaigns, and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities

For Risk Professionals

Risk Management

  • Data visualization helps you manage and reduce accumulated exposure by viewing your book of business on a map
  • Decrease claims losses due to overexposure
  • Properly assess the impact of catastrophic events as they happen

For Logistics and Public Safety

Routing Logistics

  • Data visualization helps you increase efficiency of routing logistics and cut costs
  • Decrease routing and scheduling errors and improve customer satisfaction
  • Quickly deploy the appropriate resources in the event of a disaster, and improve public safety

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