Property Risk Scoring Solution

Better assess, select, and price property risk during the mortgage underwriting process.

Why Choose DMTI’s Property Risk Scoring Solution?

Our Property Risk Scoring Solution automates the collection and calculation of property risk factors, tailored to your specific risk appetite, and delivered in seconds through an easy-to-use web-service offering. This trusted, actionable hazard data, provides both individual and aggregated property risk scores to aid in risk assessment and selection, better informing and streamlining the mortgage underwriting process.

Improve Risk Assessment

Mortgage underwriting decisions are based on objective risk factors such as flood, crime, earthquake and much more. The custom scoring solution integrates these multiple data sets and is catered to fit your specific risk appetite.

Property Risk Scoring Flood
Property Risk Scoring Report

Accelerate Decision Making

Comprehensive property research done in minutes using up-to-date and authenticated data sources. Automated map overlays provide improved insights for both the property of interest and the surrounding area. Easily run detailed reports to support policy governance and auditing.

Roadmap to Auto-Adjudication

The Property Risk Scoring Solution is available through API’s for easy integration into your mortgage origination systems for real-time automated decisioning.

Property Risk Scoring Crime