What's in a Product Name?

What’s in a Product Name?


“What’s the product name of that software again? You know, the one with the graphs and formulas? The one with the spreadsheets?”

– Said no one, ever.

It is very easy to name the top 3 games you played with as a child: Nintendo, Skip It, Ninja Turtles. It is also quite easy to name the first email provider you went with (Hotmail), the first chat room you visited when online chats were all the rage (Yahoo), and the first messaging site you became a member of (ICQ). But it’s not that easy to name a Product; yet, product names become synonymous with actual verbs: “I will Google it”, “Facebook me later.” Developing a Product Name isn’t Easy!

Why is product naming so difficult? Product names are crucial to brand awareness, and they become memorable based on activity or use. For example, can you remember the name of the software you used to fill out a job application? Probably not. According to Distributed Marketing by choosing a good name of a product a company is positioning itself for greater success.

Product name is without a doubt a difficult task. The wrong name can send the wrong message about the Product and brand; what if the user can’t pronounce it? What if they pronounce it wrong? What if it looks like our competitors? What if it’s offensive? What if it’s bleh?

Help DMTI Develop a Great Name

As DMTI gets ready to send a new Location-Based Analytics Product out to market, we face the challenge of providing it with the name. It’s totally new to the spatial visualization field, is incredibly fast and efficient at profiling, requires very little data awareness and manipulation, and is geared to fit multiple verticals without breaking much of a sweat.

So I ask you: what should we call it? email us with your suggestions. Be sure to check out our current lineup of digital mapping products here.