Leverage Location Insight geofencing

Leveraging Location Insight to Drive Business Opportunity

It’s clear that we live in an increasingly mobile society. Distance and time are reduced by technology and lifestyle.  But even in our virtual world, we still focus on the locations where we live, work and play. At the same time, the data we create has grown in volume and complexity. In order to effectively meet the changing needs of our mobile society, businesses must leverage location insight to drive new opportunities.

Business Data and Location Insight

According to a Deloitte report, 85% of all data has a location component. Many businesses are aware of the value that having good data can bring from a business perspective. You must have current, correct, complete and accurate location information. This helps to identify new opportunity through more effective targeted campaigns, and to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers. You’ll also improve targeting of new prospects.

The ROI of Location Insights

When data analytics is used correctly, the end result can lead to tremendous success for a business’ marketing efforts. Union Gas for example, leveraged location data along with key demographic content to focus their marketing campaigns.  This led them to the right audience with the right message:   Promote energy conservation programs to eligible clients in an effort to reduce natural gas consumption among this group.  As a result Union Gas realized a 400% increase in the uptake rate of their marketing programs.
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